Working Better. Together.


The Agreement Company has affiliations with mediators who have vast experience on both sides of the alternative dispute resolution process, as mediators and as participants.  Perspective is important and the skills that our mediators have sharpened over years of legal practice allow them to see arguments and positions from all sides.  Alternative Resolutions take a certain level of dexterity within the process and rest assured anyone that you choose with The Agreement Company has the ability and the desire to see your claim get to a resolution.


Case Management and Staff

Each opportunity for resolution will have a dedicated case manager who oversees scheduling, deadlines, submissions and execution. Responses to any questions of issues that you may have will be provided timely and accurately.  Each videoconference will have an information technology person working behind the scenes to make sure that the platform runs smoothly.



Aside from being able to provide services through videoconferencing, The Agreement Company has conference rooms available in Philadelphia, Suburban Philadelphia, South Jersey and Manhattan.  Need space somewhere else? Case Management Staff will arrange for the proper space in the proper location at a minimal cost to participants.